GIS and Remote Sensing Nigeria!

GISystematix Nigeria is a Nigerian registered company with the aim to provide professional training for Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) courses and also provide consultancy services to individuals and organization on the use of GIS in several areas like agriculture, health, disaster risk management, data collection and management to mention but a few . Here at GISystematix We are determined to provide high quality services to both our students and clients on how to assist them in their daily challenges to better develop skills.


gis and remote sensing nigeriaThis Nigerian indigenous company's founder is a determined young professional with a Geography background and an MSc degree in Geographical Information Management from a reputable university in the United Kingdom, he was also recognized by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) with an award for his outstanding work during his studies, he also worked on the Dangote Sugar Cane initial survey where he was a GIS and Remote Sensing consultant.

GISystematix is also formed up with other stakeholders whose areas of specialization are carefully selected to meet the objectives of this company. All of our Directors hold several hierarchy of degrees (Bsc. MSc. PhD) which is expected to in turn ensure quality input in our services delivery. 

Geographical Information System is the process of using computer hardware and software to collect spatial data, manipulate, analyze and store them. This digital and effective way of performing spatial analysis is now a common way of answering complex questions in order to make cost effective and better informed decisions.

With the integration of Remote Sensing, analysis are more comprehensive as this gives a reliable way of analyzing objects without having to be in contact with them, this has proven to be cost effective and accurate in the process of conducting several analysis like digital soil mapping, geology mapping, agricultural monitoring and many more.


gis nigeria training gisystematixNigeria is a vast country blessed with so many natural resources (e.g. agriculture, water, land, mineral resources with unique geological formations among others) yet to be explored to their full potentials which is why  GISystematix is formed with the mission to use GIS and RS technology in developing these areas in terms of asset management, town planning, remote sensing modelling, data collection and analysis for sustainable development of Nigeria.

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