Consultancy Services

Here at GISystematix we provide in-depth GIS consultancy services which are focused on using modern GIS and Remote Sensing technologies with our set of brilliant human resources to achieve our goals and make sure we please our customers with the best services possible.

WE have itemized some of the services provided at our prestigious company which are of course backed with our hard work, dedication and commitment to uphold its mission and vision as one of the indigenous, top and intellectual GIS with Remote Sensing companies in Nigeria.

  • Digital mapping production – In this fast growing world, every company or institution is going digital with their data management structure and this is why GISystematix feels it is necessary to involve in improving Nigerian companies to understanding their daily business activities probably in their different branches so this can be mapped to visually represent poimts on interests and thereby make better informed decisions. Such mapping is capable of allowing decision makers instantly identify what they might not have been able to see with their old information in either of the spreadsheet databases, the map gives you a clearer picture of what and where things are occurring in your business which will eventually save your company time and money.



  • Data collection and management – It is estimated that data and record keeping in an effective manner can save a company over 40% of their expenditures, data collection may include customer survey or going to the field. Which ever way it is done, the most important part of the process is making sure these data are collected properly, stored in the right places and putting them to use. Here at GISystematix, we are happy to engage in this kind of project to enable our clients make better and sustainable decisions.



  • Custom training services – Learn GIS and Remote Sensing at your office, home or where ever it suits you, GISystematix is equipped with the necessary equipments and expertise to enable a standard and stress free training to bring you up to date with the latest advancements in Geospatial technologies. Contact for arrangements.



  • Site suitability analyses – Knowing the best place to put a house, farm, railway, or maybe your new office branch will be the wisest choice of any investment as this will ensure a long term solution and sustainability. GISystematix is equipped with both the equipments and human resource to ensure that our client’s needs in this regard are delivered in the highest quality. The GIS platform gives the ability to combine several data to make better decisions which is always considered cost effective and good for business.



  • Disaster risk management – Floods and erosions are the predominant hazards in Nigeria which are seeking urgent attentions in order to save lives and properties. Using GIS and Remote Sensing techniques we can cost effectively and accurately depict areas that are facing such risks and inform the necessary parties to make sure those areas are protected and further precautions are taken for a better environment. With the aid of geographic data like river networks, elevation above sea level and land-use among others, our GIS analysts can model and predict areas at high and low risk of these disasters.



  • Digital soil mapping – This is a LIFETIME investment and the reason is not far fetched. For so many obvious reasons there is need for land, either to build a new house, a new farm, a new mass development, new waste disposal sites etc… but what we do not take into account is that we might be doing any of these activities on the wrong place which will eventually cause more damage than we bargained for. That is why GISystematix is involved in mapping soils and their characteristics digitally to enable its integration with other data to make for answering our complex questions like where is the best place build a new railway or a rice plantation.



  • Hydrological Modelling – This is an important area within the GIS and Remote Sensing sector as it has to do with water resource and management. NO where can survive without water and some parts of the world are fast loosing their amount of water holding capacities in their land due to climate change therefore an effective way of managing what is available is required which is why GISystematix again feels the importance of having this technique introduced so we do not have to deal with what other countries are suffering from right now. Using watershed analysis along with other hydrographic data like river networking to better understand the catchment areas, GISystematix can model the hydrological system of an area to know how much water is available and how we can safely store them to efficiently allocate it to the respective areas.



  • Web mapping and application – This methodology is the newest and fastest growing area in the industry. The need to share our data and analyses with colleagues at work or anywhere in the world is indeed a necessity most times, no one wants to goto the 5th floor just to show his/her boss what they have done. With the capabilities of web mapping, an organization can share all they need when and where they want to, this technology allows for data to be shared anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection which is available again anywhere in the world.

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