Web Maps

Web Maps are a great way of sharing your data with your colleagues and contributing to the knowledge base not just in your work place but all over the world. The maps below are interactive and overlaid on labeled maps of the world to give more context to the reader.


This interactive web map is rendered using the ArcGIS server, it shows all the Watersheds flowing in and out of Kano State in Nigeria and overlaid on a labeled map for context.

Click on any watershed for more information.

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A webMap designed using Leaflet JavaScript and Mapbox. This map shows Nigerian States colored based on their sizes in squareKM.

Click on each state to see more information!

This is a daily incoming solar radiation map of Niger State Nigeria. The solar units are shown in Kilowatt Hour on a daily basis.

Click on the left hand side arrow to reveal legend and click on anywhere on the map to show information.

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