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Here at GISystematix WE have professional trainers and the required facilities to help you become a GIS and Remote Sensing expert just as you have always wanted, this is why we have designed the tailored GIS/RS  certificate and diploma training courses listed below to help you improve in your career. 

All courses are taught using the world's number one and famous ESRI's ArcGIS software.



intoduction to gis training nigeria1. Introduction to GIS: This is  a beginner course for those who have little to no knowledge of GIS and look forward to learn about GIS technology. In this course, the participants of this course will get familiarized with the software and getting used to the basics like displaying raster/vector data, map production, georeferencing, digitizing etc...


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nigeria training gis intoduction-to-remote-sensing2. Principles of Remote Sensing: This is an introductory course to get your career started in Remote Sensing, during this course you will be trained on how to use the ArcGIS software for Remote Sensing issues and what the fundamentals are. You will be introduced to some popular tools and techniques to answer basic Remote Sensing questions Among the things you will be taught are types of satellite systems, satellite data capture, Remote Sensing applications etc...

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spatial data management gis nigeria3. Spatial Data Management: This is an intermediate courses which requires a some knowledge of GIS, during this course several tools will be introduced to allow you make better and more detailed spatial analysis. While you are taught how to display, manipulate and store geographic data you will also learn to collect your own custom data and how you can integrate them into your own analysis for your office work or contracts for your clients. GPS, Spatial analysis, data conversion are a few of what you will learn in this course.

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Remote-sensing-Image-processing-analysis4. Image Processing and Analysis: The objective of this course is to introduce more complex and detailed analysis of Remote Sensing data, you will be trained on how to acquire satellite data, manage and perform analysis on them. Using satellite data to make land-use maps, monitor your environment using satellite data, and precision farming are some of the things you will be learning during this course.



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solving gis questions5. Advanced GIS Techniques: This a more advanced course using ArcGIS software to solve our day to day problems and learning how to model our environment and other aspects (e.g. disaster risk management, site suitability analysis) to enable us advice and protect our businesses. During this course you will learn to use advanced tools in ESRI's ArcGIS to make more complex maps and answer troubling questions more effectively and cost effectively using GIS.


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hydrology-gisystematix gis training nigeria6. GIS and Hydrology: Water is essential to life so learning how to preserve and efficiently use this natural resource is very important. During this course you will learn how to effectively use GIS and Remote Sensing techniques to understand where and how this resource are distributed so we can be pro-active towards managing it. The hydrology tools within ArcGIS like creating river networks, flow direction, flow accumulation, watershed analysis will all be taught extensively.

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geodata and the internet7. Introduction to Web Mapping: This course in basically a training on how to share your data on the internet which is one of the most interesting part of the GIS. After making your analysis maybe you want to share your work with friends or colleagues in your office, you will learn how to easily share your maps for easy access. You will be using the ArcGIS server, Google Earth, HTML to work through the data sharing process.

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The diploma courses offered are combination of the certificate courses along side a mini-project that MUST be completed as part of the requirements for earning a diploma qualification. Below are the 2 diploma courses:


1. Diploma in GIS: This course assumes that its enrollees have a good knowledge of GIS applications and understand how it works. During this course detailed explanations and examples on the use of GIS will be discussed and a high level teaching methodology should be expected.



2. Diploma in Remote Sensing: If enrolled in this course, you will have the opportunity to access not only our highly qualitative resources but also use world class software to enable you understand the principles of remote sensing and its applications. Real life problems will be a focus as we intend to provide the best practical lessons to ensure that you become capable of handling challenges which may arise in your remote sensing career.


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