Image Processing and Analysis

Image Processing and Analysis

This course requires its enrollees to have a good understanding of Remote Sensing and how it works is required in order to succeed in this course, this course teaches how to use satellite data for analysis and how these data can be integrated with other spatial data in a GIS environment to perform more complex analysis.


Course Outline:

1. Sensor systems

2. Image classification

3. Image enhancement

4. Image post-classification processing

5. Indices

6. Accuracy assessment


Learning Outcomes:

1. Source satellite data from the internet

2. Classify satellite images to make land use maps

3. Perform other functions on satellite images

4. Assess classified images for accuracy

5. Easily identify several features from satellite images

6. Know the several band combinations and how to use them


Software Requirements:

1. ESRI's ArcGIS

2. ERDAS Imagine

2. Microsoft Office Package

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