Principles of Remote Sensing

This is a beginner remote sensing course which means you do not need any previous knowledge to excel in the course, you will however be required to have basic computer experience and fluent in reading and writing in English.

Remote sensing is the process of observing and analyzing a phenomenon without having any physical contact with it. In this course you will learn what remote sensing is and how it works so you can also use this great technology to develop your career better.


Course Outline:

1. Fundamental Principles of Remote Sensing

2. Remote Sensing characteristics

3. Data acquisition

4. Remote Sensing case studies


Learning Outcomes:

1. Define and describe Remote Sensing

2. Identify and use satellite data

3. Know what and how resolution determines data

4. Understand how to integrate Remote Sensing in your career

5. Display and examine satellite data


Software Requirement:

1. ESRI's ArcGIS

2. ERDAS Imagine

3. Microsoft Office Package

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