Spatial Data Management

This course is a more advanced GIS course that looks into data structuring, thematic data production and how to integrate data from various sources. Data collection in both spatial and non-spatial forms will be taught during this training course and how they can be imported into the GIS environment to make meaningful outputs.

This course is the right choice to help you gain confidence in using GIS to perform in-depth analysis and bringing other forms of data into GIS platform to make more informed data analysis. You will also learn how to convert data between formats, produce thematic maps, and combine data.


Course Outline:

1. Introduction to spatial data management

2. Data organisation

3. Data formats and conversion

4. Geodatabase

5. GIS and GPS


Learning Outcomes:

1. Use GIS to solve problems

2. Edit data

3. Analyze data

4. Produce complex maps

5. Structure data for easy identification and access

6. Collect data outside GIS and import them in for analysis


Software Requirements:

1. ESRI's ArcGIS

2. Microsoft Office Package

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